We are starting in the greater San Francisco Bay Area on August 4, 2018 and are exploring satellites in Los Angeles and San Diego later in 2018. You will be seen by Dr. John Preston “Pres” Parry, the creator and world expert for this unique approach to fertility testing. If you live in California but don’t see your city listed, contact us online to request that Dr. Parry come to your area.


If you are ready for Parryscope fertility testing, request an appointment online. A staff member will reach out to you within a few hours or less to get your initial consultation scheduled.


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Other Parryscope testing locations


San Francisco (Greenbrae), California fertility testing clinic


1100 S. Eliseo Drive


Suite 107


Greenbrae, CA 94904


Los Angeles & San Diego, California fertility testing clinics – Opening in 2018


More locations coming soon!





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Location schedule


We will be at our satellite office in Greenbrae (San Francisco area), CA on:


  • Saturday August 4th


Before your Parryscope fertility testing appointment

Patients typically need to schedule their fertility testing appointment at least one month out to synchronize testing with their menstrual cycle. This allows time to begin taking progesterone or birth control pills to regulate their cycle before the appointment. All patients will need to submit documentation of sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing before their appointment. Your Ob-Gyn or a local lab can perform this simple urine test. Please have the test results faxed to us, or you can bring the test results to your appointment.