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The medical team for Parryscope® is dedicated to providing quality patient care that is easy to understand. We feel this philosophy inspires comments like the ones below from our patients. See what they are saying.

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Dr. Parry is the most attentive, kind, generous with his time, physician I have ever had. He takes the time to make sure you understand everything fully. He quickly returns phone calls, and emails. He makes you feel like your fertility challenges are his own. He truly likes his patients! — you feel like you are his only patient. I could not be happier with Dr. John Preston Parry. I would recommend him to every person who needs TLC in their medical needs.

– Anonymous

My experience with Dr. Parry was amazing, to say the least. He is very caring, attentive and thorough. I did not believe doctors like him existed anymore.

– Kelvin and Tosheba

Dr. Parry has been such a blessing! Each time, his expertise and bedside manner were unparalleled. He ensured that all of my questions were answered thoroughly, and that I was prepared for what to expect before, during, and after each procedure. The sensitive nature of this work dictates a certain demeanor, and he always [goes] above and beyond with care, sincerity, dedication, and professionalism.

– Anonymous

I was treated with the utmost respect and kindness … I’m so thankful for Dr. Parry’s presence on my journey to become a mom!

– Anonymous

I’ve never had this level of care from a healthcare provider! Dr. Parry patiently and thoroughly answered all of our many questions. He helped us decide the most effective and economical course of treatment. Throughout the entire process, he was pulling for us and praying for us.

– Anonymous

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