Parryscope® fertility testing is a groundbreaking evaluation providing women with answers to their fertility questions in just minutes. The inventor of Parryscope testing, Dr. John Preston “Pres” Parry, will soon be seeing patients in Chicago.

The Parryscope technique was seen by 92 percent of women in a 2017 study as the preferred fertility test over the similar hysterosalpingogram (HSG) test.

If you are a woman interested in the Parryscope technique to diagnose the cause of your infertility, request an appointment online, and a staff member will reach out to schedule your initial consultation.

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Chicago, Illinois, fertility testing clinic – Opening in 2020

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Things to know before your Parryscope fertility testing appointment

Patients will need to have their cycle optimized prior to the appointment to help see and understand what is going on inside the body. This can be done with the use of birth control or progesterone pills, which we can prescribe if needed. A sexually transmitted disease (STD) test will also be required prior to the Parryscope exam to maximize safety.