I remember delivering babies in New York City on September 11, 2001.

As soon as the Twin Towers were struck, we all changed in to scrubs and prepared for emergency room triage. Most survivors that day did not come to the ER, so surprisingly the most active wing in the hospital was labor and delivery. Many women went into the labor from stress, resulting in many newborns. We had one woman who got off the subway at Chambers Street, saw both towers on fire, and spent the next four hours walking to our hospital in labor, breech, and we performed a cesarean resulting in a beautiful baby girl.

I think of that woman and day when reflecting on Covid-19, which is one of our nation’s greatest tests since 9/11.

There are differences, such as coronavirus having a more widespread effect and lasting longer, yet there are similarities such as finding joy and strength amid chaos and uncertainty, as well as personal stories of bravery and compassion. Many of us will likely experience first hand tragedy and loss before this is all over, and crises make us feel we are over-preparing beforehand, but in hindsight think we didn’t do enough.

As events test our country and our spirits, one of the most wonderful things in the midst of all of this can be a newborn baby. Like a phoenix reborn from the ashes, a child with all of its innocence and purity sometimes can symbolize moving past the craziness of life and give us hope for a new day. Just this week, I performed an ultrasound for a couple with previous miscarriages, where they got to see and hear their baby’s heart beat at 10 weeks for the very first time. For all the complexity in the world, seeing it finally go right gave us all the best kind of tears and we fully expect 30 weeks from now, an adorable, messy miracle will be another step in making this world a better place.

There are likely many for whom in the middle of a crisis, it may not be the best time to conceive and avoid conception, while for others, a baby and God seem to have their own timeline. Somewhere in the middle of planned contraception and unplanned pregnancy are those who’ve been trying to conceive and are looking for their own new hope. Where reasonable and public policy permitting, we are happy to provide care in person, but even with quarantines, we can often provide counseling and guidance through video or phone discussions that can help future families when it is the right time.

Coronavirus will change lives and our world. However, when the right response is a new life for a better world, Positive Steps Fertility is there for you.

J. Preston Parry, MD, MPH

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